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Uncategorized Tools

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ADAPTE instrument
[External Link]
The AGREE Collaboration. Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation (AGREE) Instrument.
Burgers J, Fervers B, Haugh M. ‘Guideline appraisal - an international viewpoint’ February 2004.
more information about AGREE
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Clinical Trials Simulator
Submitted by: Dr. Merrick Zwarenstein
Download: IcebergSim beta 3.06 (.exe, 6.42MB)
[External Link 1: Practihc]
[External Link 2: Google group]
[External Link 3: randomization.org]
The Clinical Trial Simulator (CTS) is a free software package that can simulate Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials (RCTs). With the CTS a user can explore aspects of the design, conduction and analyses of RCTs. The CTS includes a sample size calculator for clinical trials (using formulas). Sample size can then be adjusted (using simulations) for the effect of lost-to-follow-up, non-compliance, cross-over, etc.

For more information and to download the latest version of the program please go to http://www.randomization.org or to http://www.samplesize.org.
Colorectal Cancer Surgery and Pathology List Serv
Submitted by: Cindy Nhan, Surgical Oncology Program, Cancer Care Ontario
more information about the Colorectal Cancer Surgery and Pathology List Serv
Describing reporting guidelines for health research: a systematic review
David Moher, PhD; Laura Weeks, PhD; Mary Ocampo, BA; Dugald Seely, ND, MSc; Margaret Sampson, PhD; Douglas G. Altman, DSc; Kenneth F. Schulz, MBA, PhD; Donald Miller, MD; Iveta Simera, PhD; Jeremy Grimshaw, MB, PhD; John Hoey, MD
Submitted by: Chaidwick Leneis, Knowledge Translation Branch, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Download: Rep Guideline Sys Review - Unified Paper - Final.pdf (.pdf, 865KB)
GLIA instrument
[External Link]
Information Assessment Method
Submitted by: Roland Grad MD MSc, Associate Professor, McGill University, Herzl Family Practice Centre
Download: PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt, 247KB)
Download: Screen Shots (.zip, 621KB)
K4Health Web Portal
[External Link]
OHRI Implementation Toolkit
[External Link]
Public Health Agency of Canada Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer
[External Link 1: English]
[External Link 2: French]
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RNAO BPG Implementation Toolkit
Download: Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (.pdf, 3.92MB)
[External Link]
Submitted by: Dr. Steve Manske, Centre for Behavioural Research & Program Evaluation, Lyle Hallman Institute, University of Waterloo
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SUPPORT Tools for Evidence-Informed Policy-Making (STP)
Submitted by: Luis Gabriel Cuervo, Pan American Health Organization
[External Link]
This series will help those involved in knowledge translation in knowing how to find and use research evidence can help policymakers and those who support them to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Each article in this series presents a proposed tool that can be used by those involved in finding and using research evidence to support evidence-informed health policymaking. Accessible in four languages.
Systematic Review Tool
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Toolkit for Management of Osteoporosis
Submitted by: Susan Jaglal PhD,MSc,BSc, Associate Professor & Vice-Chair, Research Department of Physical Therapy
Download: PDF File (.pdf, 451KB)
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Trial Protocol Tool
Submitted by: Dr. Merrick Zwarenstein
Download: Trial Protocol Tool-Web-English (.zip, 12.24MB)
Download: Trial Protocol Tool-Web-Español (.zip, 14.88MB)
[External Link]
Help with writing trial protocols: The Trial Protocol Tool comes in English and Spanish and as a Windows HTML Help file or as a browser-based tool. Download the Windows HTML Help version if you want the Trial Protocol Tool to look like the help system of Microsoft Word or Excel. If you would prefer to use the Trial Protocol Tool in a browser, download the browser version. Downloading this version does not mean that you need an Internet connection to use the tool once it has been downloaded. Finally, if you use a Mac or Linux machine, download the browser version without the Windows installer.
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