We are eager to welcome new members to our collaborative! By joining, you will be able to network and collaborate with other emerging researchers in KT, and post and comment on this blog. Getting blog access is how we define our membership, though we have other activities beyond the blog as well.

If you would like to join, you need to follow these steps:

1. Decide that you support our Mission and Vision.

2. Agree that, as a member, you will meet our minimum expectations:

We want the KTTC to be a valuable resource for all our members. This will happen only if each member participates in the KTTC at least at a minimum level. Each individual KTTC member is responsible for supporting the mission and vision of the KTTC. The expectation is that this responsibility includes:

    1) contributing three (3) entries to the KTTC online annotated bibliography every year, formatted according to a provided template

    2) sharing knowledge of KT conferences, calls for submission, funding opportunities, and other relevant news by posting on the KTTC group blog

    3) responding to KTTC member surveys in a timely manner (i.e., within one month, barring extenuating circumstances) [surveys are anticipated once each year]

    4) maintaining/updating own profile in White Pages (including links to presentations) [this means your page in our Member List]

    5) when feasible:
    - attending KTTC national or regional meetings
    - participating in KTTC projects (grants, papers)
    - participating in KTTC Working Groups
    - participating in at least one virtual seminar series
    - attending or viewing webcasts of the KT Canada seminar series

Want to join? Here is how:

If you already have a KT Clearinghouse account

3. Email Heather Colquhoun (email is listed on her member page.) Tell her first, who are you and why you want to join, and second, what is your KT Clearinghouse username.

If you do not already have a KT Clearinghouse account

3. Click ‘signup’ in the top right corner of this webpage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are having some minor technical issues with signup, and a few people may not see the correct page. When you click signup, you should a checkbox to request membership in the KTTC. If you do not see this checkbox, please go to this alternate link and click ‘signup’ in the top right corner there.

4. Enter your email and desired user name.

5. Check ‘Request KT Trainee Collaborative Membership’ and enter a little information about yourself (who are you, why do you want to join our network).

6. Click ‘Signup’. Your request for membership is sent to our membership committee, who will need to approve your account.

7. Check your email for an activation link. Click that link to activate your account. You will not be able to log in until your account is approved. We aim to do this as quickly as possible, but note that this is a manual process run by humans, and thus may not happen instantly.

Once you are approved and can log into the blog

8. See Getting Started on the Blog.

If you run into trouble with any of this, contact Heather Colquhoun (email is listed on her member page.) She will either help you, or direct you to someone else who can.

We look forward to collaborating with you soon!