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Stream 1 – Knowledge Translation trainees

Stream 1 is for graduate students and fellows in the field of knowledge translation. It focuses on the science and practice of KT, including skill development in end-of-grant KT (disseminating research results and engaging stakeholders in using them) and integrated KT (collaborative activities that engage knowledge users to ensure that the research is relevant to and used by the knowledge users).

Each Stream 1 trainee is expected to complete an annual learning profile and objectives, which are reviewed with their primary mentors. A summary is reviewed with the trainee and the Program Director during a yearly interview to discuss progress and concerns. The mentors and Program Director work together to create sustainable momentum in supporting KT research careers, to provide trainees with skills for lifelong success and collaboration, and to foster an attitude of lifelong learning. We encourage applicants from across Canada. The call for applications is annual.

Courses offered through this stream are:

  1. Annual Summer Institute
  2. National Seminar Series
  3. Research Operations Seminar Series
  4. Pragmatic KT Trials
  5. Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis