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KT Canada Seminar Series

As part of its mandate, KT Canada has developed and hosted the first, expert-led seminar series dedicated to current and emerging topics in KT. Reception to the series has been impressive and demand continues to grow as additional links to researchers, health care professionals, policy makers and trainees are established.

The KT Canada Research Network has worked with telemedicine programs across the country to establish reliable, high-quality, and cost-conservative broadcast capability. Membership connections with the Ontario Telehealth Network provide the Network with coordinated registration and access to live/archived telemedicine broadcasts, as well as excellent quality webcasting technology and technical support. Non-member sites connect to the Network via the Resolve Collaboration which provides a high quality and cost-effective multipoint bridge. Finally, rapid broadcast expansion has been facilitated greatly by the Southern Alberta Child and Youth Health Network's (SACYHN) at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. This connection has helped us reach 18 university and health care sites across Alberta.

Each of the KT Canada Series seminars is available via live videocast at participating sites, as well as live/archived webcasts. Webcasts can be found at http://webcast.otn.ca/ by using the search term knowledge translation.