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Funding Opportunities

KT Canada and KT Canada STIHR have several funding opportunities for trainees.

Research Project Stipends

KT Canada

KT Canada is a multidisciplinary collaborative, involving colleagues from several Canadian Universities, Research Institutions and Hospitals1. KT Canada has established a research and training program in knowledge translation and knowledge translation research to assist trainees further develop as KT researchers, in order to meet the increasing demand for this type of expertise.

As part of this commitment, KT Canada has developed a Research Project Stipend competition, open to eligible KT Canada Graduate students (Masters and PhDs) and Post-Doctoral Fellows. This funding is to be used for research purposes only and is intended to assist with some of the costs associated with completing thesis-related research.

1 University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, McMaster University, University of Toronto, Université Laval, University of Western Ontario (Training Site), University of Prince Edward Island (Training Site), University of Manitoba


To be eligible for the KT Canada research stipend, students

  • Must be KT Canada trainee/student at one of the seven sites
  • Must be supervised by a current KT Canada member
  • Must be enrolled in a graduate program or hold a post-doctoral fellowship at a Canadian University
  • Have limited or no external funding

KT Canada students who receive no funding from KT Canada-funded projects or who are the recipient of a KT Canada Training Stipend are eligible for the research stipend.

Reference letters

Referees will upload their reference letters online: http://applications.ktclearinghouse.ca/. They will be prompted to enter the applicant's name, upload the letter and complete the assessment form.

Funding Available

  • $15,000 max.

Renewal and Duration:

This is a non-renewable stipend. Students who receive the research stipend may take up to one year to spend the entire amount.

Deadline for application:

January 15, 2014

Notification of Results:

April 2014

Application procedures:

Interested students must provide the following documentation:

  • A completed application form
  • A one-page summary of your thesis/research project
  • CIHR General CCV (a.k.a. common CV), including attachments with publications and presentations
  • Two reference letters in support of the application, one of which can be your supervisor
  • Two Candidate Assessment Forms, to be completed by the same referees
  • A detailed budget of eligible expenses (see below for list)

Please note: applications with missing documentation will not be reviewed.


Successful candidates are expected to:

  • Present a poster of their work at the KT Canada Annual General meeting
  • Provide an annual report on their progress
  • Acknowledge KT Canada for provision of financial support in publications and/or presentations, including using the KT Canada Logo
  • Provide an annual financial report on project spending

Eligible Student Research Costs

Students who are applying for the research stipend may use funds to offset the following costs, which should be itemized in the accompanying budget:

  • Payment for Research Assistant/Student help
  • Transcription services
  • Translation services
  • Computer Software
  • Supplies: paper, copying, mailing costs, CDs etc.
  • Parking
  • Travel related to conducting and/or disseminating research (including meetings with decision makers/policy makers if project relevant)
  • Conference* registration, travel and/or accommodation where either the conference or the paper to be presented is focused on the aims and objectives of the KT Canada Team

Applications can be submitted online at http://applications.ktclearinghouse.ca.

For more information or to submit a completed Research Project Stipend application, contact Vanessa Lybanon Daigle at: vlybanondaigle@ohri.ca or 613-798-5555, 73825.

Travel and Conference Stipends

Travel and/or Conference stipends are available to KT Canada students

  • who have their own funding;
  • who are linked with either KT Canada funded projects or other KT research projects; and/or
  • whose training is supported by the Training Fellowship
Disbursement of Travel and Conference Funds
Interested students may apply for 50% of conference registration and travel costs up to a maximum of $2000. Priority will be given to requests from students.
Applying for Travel and/or Conference stipends
Students applying for Travel/conference fees should provide the following documentation to the Executive Committee:
  • 1-page abstract of their presentation topic
  • Conference name, location, dates and a program or agenda
  • Letter of support from KT Canada member
  • Breakdown of associated costs:
    • Conference attendance
    • Travel to and from the Conference
    • Accommodation costs

For more information or to submit a completed Travel and Conference Stipends application, contact:

Vanessa Lybanon Daigle
Research Program Manager
Knowledge Translation Canada
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus
ASB 2-014, 1053 Carling Ave.
Ottawa, On. K1C 4X4
Fax: 613-761-540
Email: vlybanondaigle@ohri.ca

Training Program Fellowship

Knowledge Translation Canada Graduate Student Fellowship
We are pleased to announce funding opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in the field of Knowledge Translation (KT). With hospitals and community agencies, we have developed a multidisciplinary, collaborative Clinical Research Initiative (KT Canada) involving colleagues from 8 universities (Calgary, Alberta, Western, Ottawa, McMaster, Toronto, Laval, Prince Edward Island) across Canada to identify and study solutions to ensure that Canadians have tools and skills necessary for KT. In June 2009, KT Canada was awarded a Strategic Training in Health Research (STIHR) grant to create an internationally-recognised national training initiative to enhance capacity in KT and KT research.
Description of KT Canada STIHR Training Program
The training program focuses on 4 core competencies, exploiting technology to ensure national accessibility and including modular distance learning courses, a national e-seminar series, yearly research meetings, and a research practicum. Participating institutions have graduate courses in systematic reviews, clinical trials and qualitative research methods but they are not yet tailored to KT trainees. Trainees will be expected to complete the available courses at their home institution and to complete linked courses that are tailored to KT. These courses include: Theories and Models of KT and Targeting KT to various Stakeholder Groups, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Syntheses in KT, Qualitative Research Methods in KT, and Evaluating KT Interventions. Trainees will also secure a mentor from the KT Canada network, develop and revise an annual learning and objectives profile, and participate in the annual KT Canada Summer Institute and monthly research methodology e-seminars.
Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  1. Be Canadian citizens, have landed immigrant status, or have a student/work visa
  2. Be enrolled in a graduate program or hold a post-doctoral fellowship at a Canadian university or be in the process of applying to a graduate program or post-doctoral fellowship at a Canadian university.
  3. Candidates are not eligible if they are funded by another STIHR program.
Available funding per year
  • Masters and PhD students: $25,000
  • Post-doctoral fellows: $45,000
  • If successful applicants hold external funding, they will be eligible for a top up to the amounts above.
  • Applicants holding a fellowship with CIHR will be eligible for $5000.
Funds will be given in installments: 30% will be given when the trainee is notified of receiving the fellowship, 40% upon review of 6 month progress report and 30% once all expectations are met.
Accepted trainees will be expected to complete progress reports every 6 months, participate in the annual summer institute and in the monthly seminars, the research operation seminars, and any other courses being offered, as appropriate and present at one conference (not including the summer institute). PhD students and post-doctoral fellows are expected to submit at least one publication. Trainees who do not meet these expectations will either not receive their final instalment or be able to renew their funding for a second year, if applicable.
Duration of funding
  • Masters students are eligible for one year of funding
  • PhD trainees are eligible for two years of funding
  • Post doctoral fellows are eligible for one year of funding
Please complete the online application on or before March 26, 2014 (11:59 PM ET). Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Notifications of the results will be on or before April 30, 2014. To apply, please click on the following link: http://applications.ktclearinghouse.ca/
Reference letters
Referees will upload their reference letters online: http://applications.ktclearinghouse.ca/. They will be prompted to enter the applicant’s name, upload the letter and complete the assessment form.
Please contact Gail Klein with any questions: kleing@smh.ca