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Centre for Evidence-
Based Medicine

Eating disorders: Q-EDD is a useful diagnostic tool in female college students

Clinical Bottom Line

The Q-EDD may be a useful screening instrument for eating disorders in high risk populations. It may also be a useful diagnostic tool in clinical populations


Mintz et al Questionnaire for eating disorder: reliability and validity of operationalising DSM-IV criteria into a self-report format Journal of Counseling Psychology 44 63-79.

Clinical Question

In female college students, are there any screening tests that reliably detect those students that have eating disorders?

Search Terms

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The Study

  1. Gold Standard - DSM-IV criteria for eating disorder following structured clinical interview
  2. Study setting - Large mid-Western public university in the USA. Participants were 136 women. 11 female counselling psychology graduate students conducted the clinical interviews.

The Evidence

Questionnaire for Eating Disorder Diagnoses (Q-EDD) Eating disorder No eating disorder Likelihood Ratio
Positive 32 2 50
Negative 1 101 0.03
Totals 33 103


Positive test can SpPin, negative test can SnNout.

Appraised By

Geddes, 1998, Reviewed 1999

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