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Centre for Evidence-
Based Medicine

Therapy: Clinical Scenario

A middle aged woman presented with exacerbation of her usual pattern of migraine. She asked specifically about whether riboflavin might help as she had heard from a friend that it helped prevent migraine. Together you formulate the question, in patients with frequent migraines , is riboflavin effective in the reduction of migraine frequency or severity?

Searching terms and evidence source:
Since this is a question of intervention, a randomised trial would be ideal. The most comprehensive and easy to check source is the Controlled Clinical Trials Registry (CCTR) in the Cochrane Library. I used the terms "migraine and riboflavin" (no methodological filters are needed as only list controlled trials).

This gives 2 hits, one of which is: Schoenen J, Jacquy J, Lenaerts M. Effectiveness of high-dose riboflavin in migraine prophylaxis. A randomised controlled trial. Neurology. 1998; 50: 466-70.

Read the article and decide:

  1. IsIs the evidence from this trial valid?
  2. If valid, is this evidence important?
  3. If valid and important, can you apply this evidence in caring for your patient?

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