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Based Medicine

Childhood Injuries - Reduced by home visit

Clinical Bottom Line

Home visiting can reduce the number of unintentional.


Roberts, I., Kramer, M.S., and Suissa, S. Does home visiting prevent childhood injury? BMJ 312:29-33, 1996 .

Clinical Question

In children, can home visiting reduce the injury rate?

Search Terms

'home visiting' and 'child' and 'injury' and 'randomised-controlled-trial'

The Study

Systematic review of 11 RCTs including 3433 participants.

The Evidence

Pooled OR of home visiting Vs 'control' for unintentional injuries is 0.74 (95% CI 0.6 to 0.92).

If baseline risk for unintentional injuries is 5%, NNT is 80.

If baseline risk for unintentional injuries is 15%, NNT is 29.


  1. The populations in all trials were disadvantaged.
  2. Interventions varied: visits were by non-professionals and occurred during and/or after pregnancy and at different intensities.
  3. Outcomes varied from hospital attendance to parent recall of injuries.
  4. The review on intentional injuries is difficult to interpret as reporting of injuries was confounded by increased detection in the home visiting groups.

Appraised By

O. Duperrex and R. Gilbert; 03 Mar. 1999

Expiry Date

March 2000