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Centre for Evidence-
Based Medicine


Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems

The aim of this book is to help clinicians with both critical appraisal of diagnostic tests and quantitative decision-making about diagnostic strategies. It provides information about the operating characteristics of diagnostic tests and procedures which are commonly used in clinical practice, particularly in internal medicine.

This book does not provide any information on whether the literature was systematically reviewed and critically appraised for each of the topics under discussion. References are provided in each chapter but there is no mention of the methodological rigour of these studies. The authors do provide quantification of the results of the diagnostic studies presented as sensitivities, specificities and likelihood ratios although no confidence intervals are provided. No information is provided on how often this book will be updated nor is there mention of the possibility of an electronic version which could be more easily updated. A list of its contents is available on its website. Although this book does not meet all of our criteria for inclusion on this site, we've included it because there are very few resources available to provide information on evidence-based diagnosis.

Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM

This book is for clinicians at any stage of their training or career who want to learn how to practice and teach Evidence-Based medicine. Written for the busy practitioner; it is short, lean, and highly practical.

PDQ Evidence-based Principles and Practice.
McKibbon A et al. BC Decker, Hamilton

This is an excellent introduction to the practice of EBHC and provides a concise description of the principles of EBHC. In particular, its material on searching the literature is very useful.