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Centre for Evidence-
Based Medicine


Revisions to EBM: How to practice and teach EBM, 2nd edition

  1. In evidence based "General Practice" on the CD - Page 10: the sample scenario on diagnosis in the table with "Your Calculations" the sum of a+b should equal 191 (not 172) and the sum of c+d should equal 383 (not 402). Therefore, the Positive Predictive Value equals 52% (instead of 58%) and the Negative Predictive Value equals 81% (instead of 77%).
    [This erratum was noted by Inke König, Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics]
  2. Page 19: at the beginning of the text after the table, "All the authors have are our..." should be "All the authors have our..."
    [This erratum was noted by Eleftherios Anevlavis, MD, Agia Olga Hospital, Athens, Greece]
  3. In evidence based child health on the CD - Page 29: the first row, first column cell should be "occurrence of childhood asthma" not "occurrence of diabetic neuropathy"
    [This erratum was noted by Leon H Collins]
  4. Page 31: the URL for American College of Physicians should be "www.acponline.org" not "www.acponline.com".
    [This erratum was noted by Tim Pauley, West Park Healthcare Centre]
  5. Page 32, the last paragraph: the URL of the Cochrance Library (CL) should be "www.update-software.com" and the URL of Best Evidence (BE) should be "www.acponline.org". [Note: these resources currently reside at http://thecochranelibrary.com and http://www.bestevidence.org/]
    [This erratum was noted by Yasuhiro Asai, Dep of Family & Community Medicine, Jichi Medical School, Japan]
  6. On Page 34: the URL of the Family Practice JC (POEMS) website should be "http://www.infopoems.com/POEMs/POEMs_Home.htm"
    [This erratum was noted by Barbara Roach, USAF]
  7. On page 58: the references should be changed to:
    • Section 2b: Instead of "ref 33,34" it should say "ref 2,33"
    • Section 2c: Hunt et al becomes ref 2 and Overhage becomes ref 33
  8. At the end of chapter 2, page 65: reference 33 should be deleted (it refers to the same citation as reference 2)
  9. Page 73 - Table 3.3: Negative test result box should say ≥ 65 mmol/L
  10. Page 73 - Table 3.3: the reference should be "J Gen Intern Med not J Gen Intern."
  11. Page 80, line 11: "CPG's" not "CGP's"
    [This erratum was noted by Anand Date, Sultan Qaboos University, College of Medicine, Oman]
  12. Page 73 - Table 3.3: Prevalence = (a + c)/(a + b + c + d) = 809/2579 = 31%.
    [This erratum was noted by Angie Fearon, Australian National University]
  13. On page 73 - footnote: the definition of the specificity should be "d/(b+d)"
    [This erratum was noted by Romuald Riem, CHU Nantes]
  14. Page 73 - Table 3.3: the calculations for Sensitivity, Specificity, and LR+ should be:
    • Sensitivity = a/(a + c) = 731/809 = 90.4%
    • Specificity = d/(b + d) = 1500/1770 = 84.75%
    • LR+ = sens/(1 - spec) = 90.4%/15.25% = 5.92
    [This erratum was noted by Andrew Jull]
  15. On page 76 - third paragraph ("Moreover, the other extreme level (<95)..."): The extreme level should be "≥95" not "<95"
    [This erratum was noted by Dr. Eleftherios Anevlavis, University of Athens, Greece]
  16. Page 101, Figure 4.1: the labels for graphs b,c,d are incorrect. They should say:
    • b - poor prognosis early, then slower increase in mortality, median survival of 3 months
    • c - good prognosis early, then worsening, with median survival of 9 months
    • d - steady prognosis with a median survival of 6 months
  17. Pages 100-101, description of Figure 4.1: in the text, the explanations for B & C of the figure are reversed. In the figure itself the explanation for B should be C and the explanation for C should be D, and the median survival is not 6 months.
    [This erratum was noted by Alan Adelman, Penn State University College of Medicine]
  18. Pages 114, Table 5.4: the NNT should be 8 for the target disorder "Diastolic blood pressure 115-129mmHg" instead of 3
    [This erratum was noted by Simon Harrison, Bristol University]
  19. Page 115, Table 5.4: in footnote "g", the year for BMJ should be "1985" not "1995"
  20. Page 131 - second line ("...apply the findings from qualitative studies to our patients."): "qualitative" should be "quantitative"
    [This erratum was noted by Manon Bruinsma, Hogeschool Enschede, Netherlands]
  21. Page 151 - In the second footnote: the year for CMAJ should be "1988" not "1998"
    [This erratum was noted by Romuald Riem, CHU Nantes]
  22. Page 165, 3rd row from the beginning: "...we do your best to estimate..." should be "...we do our best to estimate..."
    [This erratum was noted by Eleftherios Anevlavis, MD, Agia Olga Hospital, Athens, Greece]
  23. Page 168 CAT, Clinical bottom line(s) 1. "...by some alternative drug (e.g. hypertension)...": The parentheses should be removed.
    [This erratum was noted by Eleftherios Anevlavis, MD, Agia Olga Hospital, Athens, Greece]
  24. Page 236 - Table A.1: calculation of the RRR should be "RRR = 1 - RR = 1 - p1/p2" not "RRR = 1 - RR = 1 - p2/p1"
    [This erratum was noted by Takahiro Okamoto, Tokyo Women's Medical University]
  25. Page 237: formula for the OR CI's the SE of logeOR should be
    [This erratum was noted by Andrew Jull]
  26. Page 237, last line: should be "95% CI is 1.3 ± 1.96 x 1.317 or -1.28 to 3.88" not "95% CI is 1.3 ± 1.99 x 1.317 or -1.32 to 3.92"
    [This erratum was noted by Hiroshi Noto, Tokyo University]
  27. Page 239, Table A.1:
    • LR+ should be "a / (a + c) / [b / (b + d)]" not "a / (a + c) / [d / (b + d)]"
    • LR- should be "c / (a + c) / [d / (b + d)]" not "c / (a + c) / [b / (b + d)]"
  28. Page 239: formulas for the LR CI's the SE of logeLR+ should be
    [This erratum was noted by Raymond Leung]
  29. Page 250 of the glossary: under 'Treatment effects', it should say "the proportion of patients with at least 1 episode of symptomatic hypoglycemia to 57%\" (not "47%")
  30. Page 251: Table in the glossary should say "occurrence of diabetic retinopathy"
  31. In the table on Page 251, the values for CER and EER are reversed:
    • CER - Usual insulin regimen - should be 38%
    • EER - Intensive insulin regimen - should be 13%
    [This erratum was noted by Dr. Eva Fung]
  32. Page 252 of the glossary: under 'NNH (number needed to harm)', the formula should be "1/ARI" not "1/ARR"
  33. Page 252 of the glossary: under 'RRI (relative risk increase)', the EER was inadvertently included in the calculation. The calculation should be "|EER - CER|/CER = |57% - 23%|/23% = 148%" not "|EER - CER|/CER = |57% - 23%|/57% = 60%"